Committee Members

Our Team
As a parent of two teenagers it would be nice for my children and all our children to adopt a sense of community spirit among the Turkish Cypriots living here in Sydney and especially for future generations to come. 
Ibrahim Mehmet – President
As an Australian born Cypriot, father of two beautiful children and businessman, I understand the value of family and the need for sense of belonging. It is my vision to ensure the Cypriot community in Sydney become one large family and our children and generations have a sense of place and belonging.
Fikri Kerem – Vice President
The Cypriot Community is in need of an appropriate place and for activities where friends and family can meet and have a feeling of belonging, and it would also be great for the future generation to have something to be proud of.
Eren Tamer – Secretary
As a business owner it would be great to encourage other business owners within the Sydney Turkish Cypriot community to network with each other who share the same cultural values and also to be able to contribute positively to the broader community.
Ozden Mustafa – Treasurer
I love our community getting together and enjoying our culture, I would like to extend this to future generations that’s why I am here as committee member to help this happen.
Hatice Mehmet – Committee Reserve
Family man, with three kids under 8, employment consultant as my occupation, and student of knowledge. I was presented with the opportunity of contributing to further developing our proud Turkish Cypriot club in offering social, cultural and family oriented services to our community.
​Ilkin Mustafa – Committee Reserve
Being in IT I'v always been happy to help out with technology but being involved with NCTA has allowed my family and I to reconnect with the community. I pray that we stay together for generations to come. 
Cengiz Mehmedali - Committee Reserve